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The Digital Compensator Design Tool (DCDT) helps power supply designers by simplifying the overall process of determining the digital compensator coefficients and analyzing the control system performance. The DCDT incorporates all feedback gains and delays to provide the most accurate model of the control system. Along with analyzing the closed loop performance via Bode Plots, the user can verify stability by using the DCDT’s root locus and Nyquist plots. Once the desired performance is obtained the DCDT will automatically calculate the compensator coefficients and scaling parameters and generate software files to be used with the free SMPS Control Software Libraries.

The DCDT is topology independent which allows the most sophisticated converters to be analyzed. With a topology independent architecture, the tool requires a mathematical expression of the plant transfer function. This can be entered as a polynomial equation or in pole/zero form (up to 5th order systems). The tool also supports a data import option where the plant transfer function is a table of phase/gain vs. frequency data points that can be generated from a simulation environment or even from a network analyzer.

The DCDT currently allows users to develop voltage mode control and peak current mode control applications with support for average current mode control to be available shortly. Depending on the control scheme, different compensators may be required. The DCDT supports many different compensator types such as the digital 3-pole/ 3-zero (3P3Z), digital 2P2Z, digital PID, and analog type II/III. The analog type II/III compensators allow analog designers to input their existing analog compensator designs into the tool either by passive R/C components or by entering pole/zero frequency points. The tool will then generate the equivalent digital compensator streamlining the transition from analog to digital compensator design.

All MPLAB® X IDE. plug-ins, including this Digital Compensator Design Tool, are free, available and ready to install once the MPLAB® X IDE has been installed. Just follow the simple steps in the getting started tab to see all the available plug-ins and to install the DCDT.

How to Install this Plugin:

This plugin can be downloaded as a zip file for offline installation in MPLAB X IDE.

1. Download the zip file from Microchip Gallery

2. Extract it to a location on disk


4. Navigate to Tools | Plugins

5. Click Downloaded Tab

6. Click Add Plugins...

7. Select the .nbm file from the extracted location

8. Install the plug-in.

To install Digital-Compensator-Design-Tool, download this package and open it in IDE.

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