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It can be difficult to troubleshoot data on an embedded target while yourapplication is running. In the same way a debugger helps you debug yourapplication code, MPLAB Data Visualizer helps you debug your data. With MPLABData Visualizer, you can see how key data points in your application changeduring runtime, e.g. visualize values captured by a sensor on yourdevelopment board.

MPLAB Data Visualizer has the following features:

•Visualize data streamed from a running embedded target via serial port (CDC)or the Data Gateway Interface (DGI)

•Concurrently stream data and debug target code using the MPLAB®XIDE

•Decode data fields at runtime using the Data Stream Protocol format

MPLAB Data Visualizer comes as a stand-alone application and as a plug-in toMPLAB X.

System requirements

Like the MPLAB®X IDE, the MPLAB Data Visualizer is based on theNetBeans Platform. Thus it has similar runtime requirements. The recommendedplatforms are:

•Windows 10 Professional

•Ubuntu® 15.04 or similar.

•macOS® 10.14 Mojave

The MPLAB Data Visualizer plug-in must be installed in MPLAB X version 5.30or later for correct operation.

Hardware tool support

MPLAB Data Visualizer supports targets that stream data over a (virtual) COMport, as well as tools implementing the Data Gateway Interface (DGI) USBinterface.

When using a COM port, any target or board can be supported, also user-specificboards. The DGI interface is supported by the Microchip Xplained Pro andCuriosity Nano platforms.

In order to ensure the best possible user experience, make sure that kits ortools used with the MPLAB Data Visualizer are updated to the most recentfirmware version.


Documentation is shipped with the product and can be opened from the DataVisualizer User Interface once started.


The latest version of MPLAB Data Visualizer standalone can be downloaded from theMicrochip Gallery at http:://gallery.microchip.com. The plug-in can also bedownloaded from here, if installation in MPLAB without an internet connection isrequired. It is however recommended to install and update the plugin from theplugin center in MPLAB X (Tools Menu -> Plugins).

For the standalone, after downloading the installer, start the installation andfollow the guidelines provided by the installer.

Customer support

Microchip provides online support via our web site athttps://www.microchip.com/support.

Special Considerations

When streaming timestamped data over DGI from an Xplained Pro or Curiosity Nano kit,too high datarates can lead to buffer overflows and reduced stability of operation. This also appliesto Debug GPIO.The Data Visualizer UI will display a warning when the kit or tool indicates a bufferoverflow condition.The sample rate at which buffer overflows are likely to occur dependens on the PCand the system load.For GPIO it could be down to a few kHz sample rate at system load. For other interfacesit istypically higher.

To get the expected result when streaming data, it is important to configure the targetsystem properly.Study the user guide of the target development board or tool carefully as it can containimportantinformation.

To install MPLAB-Data-Visualizer-Standalone(Windows), download this package and open it in IDE.

Supported Products: MPLAB X

Release Notes

Known Issues

DV-806 Plotted data can look distorted at certain zoom levels. This happens because the Visualizerreduces the resolution of old data as internal buffers fill up, in order to save memory.Workaround: Pause data streaming while investigating data. 
All platforms

DV-807 Discarded data count under decoder statistics sometimes increases and resets to 0.This happens when data frames are split across multiple packets. When a full dataframe is received, the discarded byte count resets back to 0. 
All platforms

DV-835 Cannot connect to ttyACM0 for streaming data. Workaround: add your user to the dialoutgroup and log out, then log back in. 

DV-897 Connecting more than one DGI-enabled kit and then physically unplugging can causeerrors on the next DGI connect. Workaround is to either unplug and plug in beforeattempting to connect or restart MPLAB X. 

DV-1055 For some users, DGI-enabled kits may not show up in the MPLAB Data Visualizer connectionlist while MPLAB X is open. Workaround is to unplug the kit and then plug it backin and possibly close MPLAB X. 
All platforms

DV-1064 Attempting to plot high frequency GPIO changes can cause issues with plotting anddebugging. 
All platforms

DV-1080 DGI-enabled kits might not show up if a debug session is in progress in Atmel Studiowhen MPLAB Data Visualizer is started. Workaround is to close Atmel Studio and unplugthen plug in kit. 

DV-1153 DGI-enabled kits might not show up if a debug session is in progress in MPLAB X whenMPLAB Data Visualizer standalone is started. Workaround is to stop the debug sessionand unplug then plug in the kit. 
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MPLAB-Data-Visual... 1.3.1664 377 Tuesday, January 30, 2024 yes
MPLAB-Data-Visual... 1.3.1331 3,075 Friday, May 19, 2023 yes
MPLAB-Data-Visual... 1.3.1320 9,606 Monday, December 19, 2022 yes
MPLAB-Data-Visual... 1.3.1160 12,412 Tuesday, March 15, 2022 yes
MPLAB-Data-Visual... 1.3.1136 639 Friday, January 21, 2022 yes
MPLAB-Data-Visual... 1.3.1113 1,923 Wednesday, October 27, 2021 yes
MPLAB-Data-Visual... 1.2.956 1,166 Wednesday, May 12, 2021 yes
MPLAB-Data-Visual... 1.2.835 4,493 Wednesday, September 23, 2020 yes
MPLAB-Data-Visual... 1.2.834 61 Monday, September 21, 2020 yes
MPLAB-Data-Visual... 1.1.793 690 Thursday, June 11, 2020 yes
MPLAB-Data-Visual... 1.0.675 (this version) 526 Friday, December 20, 2019 yes
MPLAB-Data-Visual... 0.1.438 427 Friday, May 24, 2019 yes