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ELFViewer Plugin


Plugin for MPLAB-X that allows visualization of an output ELF file. It shows how your program will be laid out on the actual device. Very useful when writing things like bootloaders.

The ELFViewer plugin provides a graphical display of the layout of sections within an ELF format file.It accepts most legal ELF file formats generated by the Microchip compilers and plots the location of sections on a map representing a region of memory inside the target device.

Microchip Microcontrollers can consist of different memory regions such as Boot FLASH, Program FLASH and RAM and each one is represented as a different graphical region. Within each region the sections specified inside the ELF are then plotted as colored blocks showing how the final program will be laid out in the memory of the device. Each block can be hovered over with the mouse and information about the name, base address and size retrieved. The display of individual sections can be controlled allowing you to locate a single section or function within the code.

The plugin is most useful when generating bootloaders and programs with complex memory layouts. The ELFViewer will automatically listen for the current project compilation completion event and display its data, alternatively any ELF file can be specified along with the device type.

Mouse click and down-right will allow zooming to a specific area whilst mouse click and up-left will zoom to the extens of data. Use of the mouse with the CTRL key allows other zoom and pan options.

Currently supports PIC16, PIC24/dsPIC/PIC32


Download the zip file and extract the nbm

Inside MPLAB-X go to Tools->Plugins and select Downloaded items.

Find the extracted nbm and install it.

The ELFViewer window can be found under the Window->Debugging->Output->ElfViewer menu (alongside things like disassembly listing).

To install ELFViewer Plugin, download this package and open it in IDE.

Supported Products: MPLAB X

Release Notes

Updated for MPLAB-X 3.00. MPLABX 3.00 removed and modified projectsuites, this required an update.



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