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PCLint is a plugin that makes the user interface more seamless between the PCLint application and the MPLAB X IDE. Although the Plugin is free you have to purchase the third party PCLint application separately.

PC-lint for C/C++ the longest continuously advertised software tool in human history, was first introduced in 1985. It will thoroughly check your C/C++ source code for bugs, glitches, inconsistencies, non-portable constructs, and much more, so you can find and fix your bugs more quickly, and more economically, than with traditional debugging procedures

PC-lint for C/C++ runs only on Microsoft Windows.

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To install Perform Static Code Analysis in MPLABX using PCLint, download this package and open it in IDE.

Supported Products: MPLAB X

Release Notes

Major Highlights
(a) Change in MISRA standard options to use au-misrax.lnt
(b) Linting a single file will pass –u option
(c) Dependency file generation for XC compilers

Improvements/ Bugs Fixed
(01) Fixed XPI-69 Linting issue with file or folder and -i with empty space
(02) Fixed XPI-70 UserOption file is not serialized when IDE restarts
(03) Fixed XPI-72 Include file search path is not considered for linting
(04) Fixed XPI-73 Provided aumisra standard in for user selection
(05) Fixed XPI-75 Fixed project context menu file linting issue
(06) Fixed XPI-76 Excpetion issue when project not set as main
(07) Provided project context menu for generating dependency files for XC compilers
(08) Auto save files before linting
(09) Provided onetime information message in output window
(10) Dependency files generated based of compiler version selected in project configuration
(11) Fixed lnt files usage based on compiler selection
(12) Provided warning for dependency file creation with non XC compilers
(13) Fixed crumbled log file issue
(14) Fixed multiple command options not working issue



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