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This code example consists of 3 parts:

1. MPLAB X Scope plug-in

The Scope plug-in features a Variable Monitor which continuously reads variable(s) from the target and displays the data as numeric value(s).

The plug-in also contains an oscilloscope-like GUI including features like channel- & trigger configuration for up to 2 channels and an offset- & gain set-up for each channel.

2. A MPLAB X project which generates the required plug-in library being used in the user project.

3. A MPLAB X sample project implementing the X2C Scope plug-in functionality in a demonstration project.

The demo project uses the UART in dsPIC33EP256MC on X2C Development Board.

The UART pins on device are connected to USB-COM connector available on board.

A USB-to-UART converter is used to connect the USB-Port to the processor UART Rx- and Tx pins

RP43 is being used as UART Rx pin

RP42 is being used as UART Tx pin

A baud rate of 115200 is being used

Known bugs/Remarks

Plug-in may not work properly if multiple

MPLAB X projects with same name are being active

MPLAB X user project output format must be ELF (Plug-in won't work with COFF)

If you open a MPLAB X project, containing the X2C Scope Plug-In, for the first time, you have to build the project before you can use the plug-in

Folder Contents

This folder contains the following sub-folders:


This folder contains the MPLAB X Scope plug-in.

The .nbm file can directly imported via the MPLAB X Plug-In system.


This folder contains a project to generate the plug-in library which is required for the user project.


Contains a demo project which features the Scope plug-in for dsPIC32EP256MC on X2C Development Board.

Suggested Development Resources

MPLAB IDE 3.35 or above with MPLAB XC16 1.32 or above

X2C Development Board (see http://www.mechatronic-simulation.org/ -> Features -> Evaluation Boards)

Reconfiguring the project for a different device

Update Plug-In library

Open the Plug-In project in MPLAB X

The Plug-In library includes 6 different processor type build configurations.

Select the configuration which matches your device (dsPIC or PIC32 type).

Optional: Set the pre-processor macro (-> Compiler options) 'SCOPE_SIZE' to your needs.

This defines the space available for sample data when using the oscilloscope function.

The default value is 4096.

Optional: Modify the library output name to fit the used processor type

Build the library.

Update user project template

Copy your generated Plug-In library (step 4.a) into the demo project directory

Open the Demo Project in MPLAB X

Replace current library with your library in MPLAB X project

Update hardware.c file containing system- & communication initialization

Update X2CScopeCommunication.c containing communication functions

Build and download the application

You should now be able to use the X2C Scope plug-in.

Developer of X2C, see www.mechatronic-simulation.org

To install X2C-Scope, download this package and open it in IDE.

Supported Products: MPLAB X

Release Notes

* Updated to MPLAB IDE v3.55
* Updated Communications
* Fixed Stopbits bug
* Updated X2C to latest stable version (v1116)



Linz Center of Mechatronics GmbH



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