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This is a demo version of the IA611-RDI-01 extension. In order to obtain the full version of the extension, please register at https://solutions.knowles.com/. This reference design is based on the Knowles IA611 smart microphone to enable development of audio-enabled IoT applications. The IA611 bundles a DSP along with a digital microphone in the same package for a small IoT footprint and low power consumption. The full version of the extension enables development with the Knowles VQ library or with libraries from our partners such as Sensory, Audio Analytics and more going forward.

To install Knowles IA611-RDI-01 Xplained Pro Extension – Demo Version, download this package and open it in IDE.

Supported Products: Atmel Studio 7.0

Release Notes

############### Release Notes for IA611-RDI-01 Xplained Pro - Demo Version ###############

This document provides information about the demo version of the Knowles IA611-RDI-01 Xplained Pro Extension.  It includes Release Features, Firmware Details, and Directory Structure.

In order to obtain the full version of the extension, please register at https://solutions.knowles.com/.

Release v2.0.3 - April 06, 2018

Changes since previous release:

* Initial Release

# Release Features:

1.  Voice wake & command recognition with Knowles solution

2.  1 Wake keyword and 3 commands, all with 2-stage Algorithm process
        a. Hello VoiceQ    -> Wake Keyword
        b. Switch The Light -> Command
        c. Next Song        -> Command
        d. Baidu YiXia      -> Command

3.  Keyword time-out is configured to ~6 seconds

4.  For each wake keyword and command detection the on-board LED0 blinks to indicate which keyword is detected
        a. Hello VoiceQ    : LED0 blinks 1 time
        b. Switch The Light : LED0 blinks 2 times
        c. Next Song        : LED0 blinks 3 times
        d. Baidu YiXia      : LED0 blinks 4 times
        e. Timeout Error    : LED0 blinks 6 times

5.  Debug prints are enabled when Host PC is connected with Debug USB port of SAMD21

# Firmware Details:

* Firmware Version          - RC3.05.2
* Binary Number            - B73425

# Directory Structure: After creating the example project in Atmel Studio 7:

* ./src: SAMD21 host software with example application for IA611
* ./Tools: Bin2Hex.exe: To convert Voice ID and UTK model bin files to header file with 16 bit buffer format
* ./Binfiles/SAMD21_bin: Prebuilt binaries for IA611 UART/I2C/SPI interface with Knowles VoiceQ algorithm

* ./IA611-SAMD21: Atmel studio 7 project including SAMD21 host software only (FW and keyword models are not included)
* ./Documents: HW/SW User Guides for IA611 example project and Xplained Pro HW



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