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  • Free RTOS Viewer Latest version: 2.4.0

    MPLAB-X RTOS Viewer plug-in supports the presentation of RTOS-related data in a uniform, RTOS independent manner. Added FreeRTOS v9 support


  • Perform Static Code Analysis in MPLABX using PCLint Latest version: 4.1.0

    PCLint is a plugin that makes the user interface more seamless between the PCLint application and the MPLAB X IDE. Although the Plugin is free you have to purchase the third party PCLint application separately. PC-lint for C/C++ the longest continuously advertised software tool in human history, was first introduced in 1985. It will thoroughly c... More information


  • ELFViewer Plugin Latest version: 1.0.0

    Plugin for MPLAB-X that allows visualization of an output ELF file. It shows how your program will be laid out on the actual device. Very useful when writing things like bootloaders. The ELFViewer plugin provides a graphical display of the layout of sections within an ELF format file.It accepts most legal ELF file formats generated by the Microchi... More information


  • DMCI Latest version: 2.71.0

    The Data Monitor and Control Interface (DMCI) provide dynamic input control of application variables in MPLAB IDE projects. Application-generated data can be viewed graphically using any of 4 dynamically-assignable graph windows. Data logging is an important feature for an embedded application. Embedded application requires precise data viewing ... More information


  • BMF055 Example Project - Motion Interrupt Latest version: 1.0.0

    Sample project for BMF055 – a custom programmable 9-axis motion sensor with Cortex M0+ microcontroller. This project demonstrates how to setup the motion interrupts for BMF055 sensor.


  • Power Monitor Plugin for MPLAB X Latest version: 1.3.0

    The Power Monitor monitors power usage of user programs in MPLAB X IDE projects. This plugin is to be used with the REAL ICE with the Power Monitor module. To install: Unzip the downloaded file to a .nbm file to your hard drive. Select Tools > Plugins from the IDE menu. Select the Downloaded tab in the Plugins window. Click the Add Plugins... but... More information


  • MPLABX Memory Starter Kit Plugin Latest version: 1.8.0

    Designers of Serial EEPROM applications can enjoy the increased productivity, reduced time to market and rock-solid design that only a well thought out development system can provide. Microchip's MPLAB® Starter Kit for Serial Memory Products includes everything necessary to quickly develop a robust and reliable Serial EEPROM design, and greatly re... More information


  • MPLABX KeeLoq Plugin Latest version: 0.1.0

    A plugin to configure KeeLoq encoder devices. The KeeLoq tool allows you to quickly configure KeeLoq devices with proper settings and encryption keys. This tool is both a debugging tool and a production tool. The tool can generate assembly configuration files than can be easily downloaded into KeeLoq encoder devices, using a hardware programmer ... More information


  • SCILAB X2C addon Latest version: 2.1.0

    OPEN SOURCE Rapid Prototyping Graphical Programming for any 16 or 32bit Microchip ( includes all Atmel SMART ARM devices and XMEGA) uC based on SCILAB and X2C Rapid Prototyping environment further information can be found on known issues: not all SMART ARM demos are working with the latest Atmel Studio 7 ASF bug... More information


  • dsPICWorks Plugin Latest version: 1.2.0

    The dsPIC Works Plug-in integrates dsPIC Works application and lets the user to design the application Download DSPIC Works:


  • Blink an LED using CCS Plugin within MPLABX Latest version: 1.0.0

    Blink an LED using CCS Plugin within MPLABX In this video tutorial, we demonstrate how to use the CCS C compiler plugin within MPLAB® X! You will learn how to: 1) Install the CCS Plug-in in MPLAB® X 2) Set up a new project in MPLAB® X 3) Add an existing C source file to the project 4) Compile and debug the project 5) Find output files 6) Progr... More information


  • WiDBG Setup Latest version: 1.0.0

    WiDBG(Wireless Debugging), a new debug and analysis solution for IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless stack offerings from Microchip. WiDBG is a comprehensive system that provides both configurable level of debug options with visualization capability and provides remote or proximity based deployment flexibility based on the development environment. Example appl... More information


  • App Launcher Plugin Latest version: 1.2.0

    The App Launcher is a simple plug-in provides the ability to launch any application within MPLAB X IDE. The App Launcher provides default applications but you can configure any number of applications. Launching the App Launcher Plug-in First, install the launcher plug-in under the MPLAB X IDE. (For installation instructions for plug-ins, refer to ... More information


  • ECAN Bit Rate Calculator Plugin Latest version: 1.3.1

    ECAN Bit Rate Calculator is a plugin to calculate parameters of the ECAN module for 16-bit (dsPIC33F, PIC24H, dsPIC33E, PIC24E) and 32-bit (PIC32MX5XX/6XX/7XX, PIC32MZxxxxECxxxx, PIC32MZxxxxEFxxxx) devices. Given the oscillator frequency, the ECAN time segments, and the Desired Baud Rate, this plugin calculates the Fcan frequency, the Time Quantum ... More information


  • SEGGER J-Link Debug Probes for MPLABX IDE Latest version: 1.2.4

    SEGGER J-Link debug probes bring JTAG development to MPLAB X IDE. J-Link Debug Probes Supported The following J-Link probe versions and types have been tested and are supported in MPLAB X IDE: Version 9 and newer: J-Link BASE The following J-Link probe versions and types should work in MPLAB X IDE: Version 9 and newer: J-Link PLUS, J-Lin... More information


  • Segger JLink Probe Plugin Latest version: 1.2.9

    SEGGER JLink Probe MPLAB X Tool Plug-in


  • PIC12 Complementary Output Generator (COG) Latest version: 1.0.0

    Code example showing the usage of the Comparator, COG, and ADC modules in a PIC12F752 device. The main focus is generating 2 complementary outputs and using the Comparator output to insert a phase delay into the rising edge of the source PWM used as the time base for the 2 complementary outputs. PIC12F752 ADC + Comparator + COG Demo This demo use... More information


  • Remote USB Debugging (Trial Version) Latest version: 1.0.16

    The Remote USB Debugging (Trial Version) plug-in allows remote access to Microchip USB-based development tools from within the MPLAB® X IDE. The MPLAB® Communications Library must be installed on the remote machine with which the MPLAB® X IDE on the host machine will be communicating. See the plug-in Help menu for additional information. To insta... More information


  • Halt Notifier Plugin (Trial) Latest version: 1.0.8

    The HaltNotifier provides the ability to customize any action when target gets halted. Notifications can be customized with actions e.g. sending mail, audio alert, running scripts based on the users. It requires MPLAB X IDE 3.30 or above. To install: Unzip the downloaded ZIP file to two .nbm files on your hard drive. Select Tools > Plugins from t... More information


  • Red Lizard Software Goanna Installer Latest version: 3.6.3

    Goanna Studio for Atmel 6.1 (Free Evaluation)